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Kristine E. Gretzinger

HELLO NEW POTENTIAL FRIENDS, my name is Kristine and first and foremost, I am so glad you found me on your hunt for the PERFECT NAILS in Victoria BC!   Boom!!!   You came to the right place.  My in home salon is the perfect private place for you to relax and pamper yourself.  Focusing on art, fun, sanitation and the love of nails!

When I'm not geeking out over your digits I mother my human and canine spawn, paint, interior design and generally create!


I attended the University of Victoria's visual arts program in 2006.  Since then I have been experimenting in different mediums trying to find a favorite, and finally I found one!  GEL AND ACRYLIC NAIL ART!  Creating wearable art is an unlikely but much loved dream for me.  Making people feel good every time they peek-a-boo at their new texting sticks is awesome!


My wily husky asynja and I have set up shop in Victoria, BC in 2015 to help provide the island with stunning, unique, custom NAIL ART!

Give me a shout if you see something you like or have an idea!  LOVE TO HEAR YA!

ASYNJA (aka. "The Boo")

Hello potential human intruders!  I am Asynja (Sqeak) Gretzinger.  I am a 11 year old husky X who will most likely pleasantly greet you at the stoop as you arrive.  If you arrive while I am inside, I will be surprised and I will bark bloody murder as to alert my mother of the potential client! (How helpful Boo...)


I'm just a old lady who's only want in life is to go in and out of the house as much as possible while mommy has clients.  If you don't like puppies or can't like puppies because of an allergy, please let the woman who feeds me know and she will lock me in the attic... don't worry, it's a nice attic.



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Just The Tips - Nail Art by Kristine 

is a locally owned, operated, schemed and hatched at home nail salon in Victoria, B.C. Canada

1111 Dominion Rd. off Craigflower Rd in Vic West at the corner of Dominion and Pine... getting lost is half the fun!