TOP 5 REASONS TO GET'YO NAILZ DID! (other than “Ooohh so Shinny”)

It goes without saying that people who like getting their “nailz did” enjoy it for the “Ooohh so shinny” outcome, but there is more to manicures than BLING and cat scratching claws. Here are the TOP 5 REASONS TO GET YO'NAILZ DID (other than “Ooohh so Shiny”)! #1: Protects Your Natural Nailz Weather Protection Before diving into the sparkly world of nails I worked as a professional Archaeologist (that's right "Kristine Gretzinger, BA" mother truckers) and before every field study I would get a colour gel polish overlay on my mini-shovels (aka.nails). Not only did these sparkling pink beauties remind me on those cold wet days that there was in fact good in the world, they protected my nails fr

"Have Fun With Your Nails! Mom xox"

I was 10 or 11 when my mom gave me a pocket sized Nail Art book to start "drawing" inspiration from. In 2015 (oh so long ago) when I opened Just The Tips! she sent me this same pocket sized book in the snail mail. Upon opening the first page I read an inscription from my mama dated 1998 that read "Have fun with your nails. Mom xox" AND I DO! Every set of nails I have ever done I have had fun doing! Whether it's drawing animals on my Auntie Shirley's nails with toothpicks in her basement when I was 13, doing my friends claws for our graduation when I was 18, or rocking out on some sweet Star Wars Extentions last month! Turns out my beautiful Mama has known all along that I was destined for

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