Whether you are a die hard Halloween Addict, or a huge fan of fall, October Nail Art has something for you! Here are some awesome freaky/fall trends to follow! FALL FREAKY For our FALL LOOK, a naturally rounded nail with Miami Beet (OPI) gel polish nail colour and a glossy top coat. Using the same colour with a matte topcoat, our FREAKY LOOK ads a glossy black spider web accent. This proves you can have freaky fall trends hybirds. FALL FREAKY Fall is all about the MATCHY MATCHY VIBE! Check our Just The Tips $1 Art Menu for inexpensive ways to make every nail an accent nail! For fall, a white acr

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Just The Tips - Nail Art by Kristine 

is a locally owned, operated, schemed and hatched at home nail salon in Victoria, B.C. Canada

1111 Dominion Rd. off Craigflower Rd in Vic West at the corner of Dominion and Pine... getting lost is half the fun!