TOP 5 REASONS TO GET'YO NAILZ DID! (other than “Ooohh so Shinny”)

It goes without saying that people who like getting their “nailz did” enjoy it for the “Ooohh so shinny” outcome, but there is more to manicures than BLING and cat scratching claws. Here are the TOP 5 REASONS TO GET YO'NAILZ DID (other than “Ooohh so Shiny”)!

#1: Protects Your Natural Nailz

Weather Protection

Before diving into the sparkly world of nails I worked as a professional Archaeologist (that's right "Kristine Gretzinger, BA" mother truckers) and before every field study I would get a colour gel polish overlay on my mini-shovels (aka.nails). Not only did these sparkling pink beauties remind me on those cold wet days that there was in fact good in the world, they protected my nails from the harsh surrounding environment. While my co-workers fought hangnails and breaking nail plates, I basked in my #cleverness.

Kitchen Safety

I don't wanna say I shouldn't have knives... but I shouldn't have knives. I have chopped into an enhanced nail instead of through my finger on more than one occasion. This is partially because of all the drunk cooking, but either way those enhancements were finger savers! Clients have also told me that the only reason they didn't slice off a digit was because of the gel enhanced force field I had built for them (Kinda like in Star Wars, with the death start and shit).

#2: Strengthens Your Natural Nailz

Gel overlays come in any colour and provides your natural nail (no enhancement needed) with the strength and structure it needs to be able to grow without breaking. The slightly thicker (+1-2mm) nail bed won't chip from the front, bend from the middle or be exposed to the environment. JTT Client G.G. shares that “people comment all the time how they can't believe these are my real nails.” The look can be so subtle, in fact clear or flesh toned gel can be used to make it appear as if there is no product at all on the nail bed at all. This method is also used on men (if desired) during our “Bro-icure” service.

“The force is strong with this one”... NOPE! Just had a great nail tech.

#3: Fixing “Problem Nails”

Nails that have been previously traumatized or that grow in an nonconforming way to the rest of your digits are “Problem Nails.” But all nails can be beautiful! Not only can some gel techniques fix common nail issues, but they can help keep them shiny in the meantime. Common injuries such as hammer hits and car door slams may leave the nail susceptible to falling off. As the nail grows through this process it may catch on clothing and hair causing pain to the hammer or car doors victim. Using gel or acrylic nail products to smooth this transition can help reduce physical and visual side affects.

#4: Helps to Break Nail Bitting Habits

Now that I self identify as a Nail Technician people are always very quick to tell me what's wrong with their nails (stay tuned for Blog #3: "Relax, your nails are fine"). Wether it's pointing out their “problem nail” or admitting to spending late nights picking their cuticles and biting there nails while watching Friends re-runs on Netflix, they always seem self conscious. These “Nail Bitting Habits” can often be diminished by the addition of gel overlays or nail enhancements. Ex-Nail Bitter, Client H.W. shares that “When you care about your nails, it's harder to destroy them,” and it's true! Nail bitting is often a subconscious thing. It can be something that happens more during times of anxiety, it can be an everyday obsession, it can even happen while you sleep! The physical addition of a protective force field layer can trick the subconscious mind. The sensation has changed, is no longer as satisfying, and then may fall the the wayside.

#5 Helps Get You Nailed

Ya that's right, manicures can get you Nailed (and by "Nailed" I mean SEX!) Ladies, all I have to say is PORN STAR FANTASY! But men, you may need a little more explanation... Women (and other men, if that's what you're into) notice nice hands. That could mean anything, some people like thick strong hands and others may prefer delicate piano hands, but everyone likes CLEAN hands. The dirt under your nails, the jaggid edges of you finger tips, the awkwardly long nail (ya you know the one) and the cuticle calisis... dude, you need a Broicure. Men may also be prone to “Man Hands Syndrome” where their manly hands have become an identifier of their manliness. All is good and well in the name on manliness, but men... if you don't think every woman interested in you isn’t checking out your hands to see if you will be the cause of this months yeast infection... then your wrong. I'm not saying go all the way and get a gel overlay, I'm saying a little goes a long way and you never know... you may just enjoy it!

Thanks for reading! And remember, in the end there are tons of reasons to choose to have your nails done, but my favourite will always be giving myself a way to treat myself and destress (even if it is just for an hour or two). It's one less thing to worry about, I get compliments all the time from strangers and those spontaneous interactions can really turn my frown upside down. "Come on... It's Just The Tip!"

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